Introduction to Playing Sic Bo

Sic Bo may seem a bit mysterious for some since the game takes roots from China. Just one look at the table action will reveal to you a game that can be as rowdy as the action on a craps table. You can say that the layout is reminiscent as the one for roulette or craps.

You should expect Sic Bo to be as exciting as any casino game you have enjoyed. If you’re into craps or roulette, you might find this game to be quite interesting. If you feel a bit apprehensive about it, then you may go online and download a game or play it in an online casino that hosts the game. Learning how to play the game can be as easy as learning craps since Sic Bo also uses dice.

The table layout may seem a bit complicated, but we all felt the same way when we first learned to play craps. An interesting feature is that the winning numbers are lit from underneath, which is a fancy addition to the game’s highlights. One difference this game has with craps is that you use three dice for this game whereas you only have two dice for craps.

In Sic Bo the dice will be in a cage and will remain there for the duration of the game. The dealer will spin the cage in effect rolling all three dice. Since no one can manipulate the dice, players are assured of a fair roll every single time. There will not be a necessity to roll the dice again if shooter errors are made.

Once the cage has stopped spinning, the dealer will enter the numbers that turn up on a keypad and the corresponding numbers will be lit on the layout. Players then get to check if they win.

That is how you play Sic Bo in a nutshell. The game play is as simple as the one for craps where you choose your bets, the dice spins, and you either jump for joy at winning or grab more chips to place new bets.

Of course, in a game where there are a lot of possible wagers to make, one should learn all the possible bets that can be made in Sic Bo. Figuring out the bets on the layout will be easy since they are laid out logically on the table.

Sic Bo is a fun and exciting game as craps or roulette will be. It is an interesting alternative that you can try if you want to take a break from your usual casino games.