Online casino growth expected from developing countries

Even with the news that US will be opened to online poker games legalization, many poker sites are still avoiding entering the US market.

Since the us population is still railed for online gambling, the online operators are looking to enter other online markets, such as the developing countries like India and Asian countries.

The recent reports published by Media Entertainment Consulting Network and 2UP point out that there is a lot of potential in India and some of the Asian countries, where players are interested in playing online poker and win real cash prizes.

According to Media Entertainment Consulting Network, the current potential market in India for online poker reaches about $50 millions and it seems that this country ahs the highest growth potential for online poker.

It must be known still, that online gambling is forbidden in India and the country has yet to publish statements about online gambling.

Another promising market for online poker is South America. With the crisis that has hampered the region is pushing countries to look into legalizing online gambling.