Free Games Now at Blackjack Online

Three blackjack titles can now be played for free, with no sign up required, at the popular blackjack site.

Blackjack Online UK, one of the UK’s largest blackjack sites, has announced that three Playtech blackjack games can now be played for free on their site.

With no sign up or personal information required, blackjack fans simply have to press play to avail of the free games.

The first game is a regular blackjack game and the second is a blackjack surrender game, which plays like the regular game except players can forfeit a hand in return for half your wager.

The third free game is a blackjack switch game, which gives players two hands of cards for each game and allows a switch from one hand to the other.

Sharp graphics and no lag ensure a great user experience, while there is no time limit on the free play. It’s a great place for new blackjack players to try it out and for blackjack fans to get some valuable practice before playing for real money.