No download casino - enjoy online casino no download games

An online casino which doesn’t need to be installed on the computer is called no download casino.

Because the process of downloading and installing the software is eliminated, players can start wagering right-away, therefore these casinos are also called instant play casinos.

A different name assigned to no download online casino is Flash casino because the software is using Flash applications.

Online casino no download games do not need the entire application installed on the computer, in order to be played. This is a huge advantage of such kind of casinos.

For online casinos no download games only a small amount of administrative software and the game itself are needed at one time. The capacity of this limited requirement is such that it can be opened in the internet browser and this way there is no need for data storage.

The Flash applications reduce the capacity requirements for audio visual animations. When the player changes game the earlier one is removed and the new one opened.