New Actions at All Slots Casino

All Slots Casino online is packed with action this August. Some of the promos currently running on the site are entering into new levels.  These are the Summer Bankroll Booster and the Fight Club. The later will have its fourth round starting from August 21. It will continue till the 27. Two slots games are launched- Big kahuna Snakes and Ladders and Kathmandu. The unique features of both these slots are that they are themed on ancient civilizations which are hardly remembered by people now.

The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is a place where followers of Buddhism and Hinduism coexist. Reels of the slot game Kathmandu, consist of symbols depicting the spirituality of the place. Some of the symbols include prayer bell, city, temple, spices, map, elephant and prayer wheel.

The others slot game, Big Kahuna Snakes and Ladders is themed on folk tales of the local people of Kahuna.  The symbols of this game portray the cheerful nature of Hawaiian people. Tribal mask, exotic fruits, animals and a native boy and girl of Hawaii are the symbols included in these games. The wagering of both the slots will be closely monitored by the internet casino and the one attracting more traffic will win a bigger prize pool.

The Summer Bankroll Booster will commence from August 22 and run for a week. Players of this game will have to wager a minimum of $25.  The online casino will pick ten eligible players at the week’s end who can avail a bankroll booster bonus up to $100. Winning players will be notified by an email within 2 days after the promotional period closes. Players need to accept the prize within 3 days after being informed.