Forecast predicts promising development of Mobile Gaming

Latest studies point out that in the near future tablets and smartphones could take the place of consoles that exist today.

Last week’s news forecast a bright future for mobile technology, more specific, tablets and smartphones. Experts have a positive vision on them as they are expected to take over and replace existing gaming consoles, in terms of hardware power, in the upcoming 2 years. This has been good news for casino players which warmly embraced the idea as this could mean bigger gaming opportunities starting with the year 2013.

Id Software’s John Carmack, who also takes credit for the renowned Doom series, expressed his similar opinion about the development of these devices. According to his statement, tablets and smartphones could overcome the existing gaming consoles, such as Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, which are very popular in present time. Even though the enthusiasm had gone maybe a little too far and people exaggerated, there is a strong possibility and enough potential for mobile market to experience a meaningful development. According to Carmack’s declaration, in the next 2 years, mobile devices will offer more advanced applications than today’s popular consoles.

As John Carmack stated, mobile and multiple server computers represented the fundament of today’s industry, which suffered numerous improvements over the last few years. The surplus of facilities that mobile devices have to offer consists of users’ comfort, this way players can gain access to different titles fast and easy, no matter where they are or when they feel like playing. Having this new technology on their side, online casinos can easily offer their exciting games and fabulous prizes to all players in the world, accessible on mobile devices, just one touch away. It is clearly that gaming industry has stepped foot in the 21st century. It is certain that players around the world will welcome this evolution. Check out the feeling of mobile gambling and see what the new technology is all about. An exciting modern mobile platform is available at William Hill Casino and can be downloaded right away.