Second Lord of the Rings Online Slot Game Coming Soon

Although there has been a lot of talk about the release of Lord of the Rings (LOTR) trilogy slot game’s second part, its online casino software provider, Microgaming, has yet to release any detailed news on the topic.

Microgaming owns the slot game development rights for the LOTR trilogy, but any announcements that have been made have been cryptic and lacked dates, details or even direct mention.

For example, Casino Manager Charlie Burton, of All Jackpots online casino, sent an email to all of the All Jackpots players that dropped hints about an upcoming “epic release”.  The email made reference to the “power of the ring”, which was clearly included in order to send the reader’s mind toward the Lord of the Rings.  However, it failed to say anything that was in any way specific.

The September newsletter for All Jackpots online casino also included a similar message that failed to make a direct mention of the Lord of the Rings, but that still made references to the game that were anything but subtle.

Only these tiny indications have been made public, and none have mentioned an actual date to expect the release of the second part of the popular slot game.  The closest that they came was to say that it was “coming soon”.

Based on the way that the first Lord of the Rings slot game was released, it will not be entirely surprising if the second one is launched without any real warning at all.