City Council Approves Bingo Games

Initially the gambling games from the Bingo company were only allowed to be played at Surfside Race. Now the sport is allowed at many other places across Del Mar Fairgrounds. The council body of the city held some intensive debate sessions on September 12 and a vote out was held. The legislators gave their majority consent to have additional Bingo locations all through Del Mar.

Six Bingo NGO groups were given the permission to run Bingo games. However, all the six of them had a unanimous decision of conducting the games at a single venue, the Surfside Place. The host firm estimates that the cost of running the event which is about $4000 can be covered if a minimum of 120 players play the games. It has calculated that about 150-200 people are required to make the event a success.

However, until now the sporting event has drawn in only 80 gamers, which is less by about 50-60%. Two or three of the games did not even draw a single visitor. The reason for this low attendance is due to restricting the traffic at nearby locations close to the venue.