Double start at Casino Titan

Casino Titan has made a blasting new promotion to encourage first-time players, by offering the opportunity of doubling their start-off deposits up to €200.

The well-known Playtech-powered has started a new promotion early this week, offering its next 1,000 first-time players the chance to double their starting deposits by signing-up using a special code.

The casino’s new offer allows first-time players to have their initial deposits doubled-up by purchasing coupons that increases their starting amounts to double. This is an outstanding opportunity for the beginners to start their gaming experience with up to €400 in their newly opened accounts.

As this is a limited promotion, only for the first 1,000 new players, Casino Titan welcomes them to sign-up on the website using the bonus code “CasinoDeal”, before they make their first deposits.

This extra money do not have a fixed destination as new players can use them to play all the exciting games that the casino has to offer, such as online blackjack, roulette, video slots, keno, progressive jackpot games and many others, as stated by the Casino Titan’s board.

The money from these bonuses can also be used for playing the new live dealer games offered by Casino Titan in the ultimate interactive gaming experience.

This new promotion created by Casino Titan is expected to bring large waves of new players, more or less experienced, in the next few days. As the number of players in the promotion is limited, it is expected that these positions will be filled-in rapidly by the passionate players in pursuit for high payouts.

This is a new and unique approach taken by online game providers to favour newbies and the idea of starting-off “double-funded” sounds very attractive from the very beginning. This could be a excellent starting idea for future promotion projects in the advertising strategies of the online casinos.