Fantasy Football Affiliate Competition at bet365

Commencing on 13th of August, The English Football Season is all to set to entertain its followers for 10 months.

What if you are the Football Manager? bet365 is giving you the chance to do so, this year. They have launched the new FANTASY FOOTBALL affiliate competition to provide players with a whole lot of entertainment. Here affiliates will be competing against each other and have the chances of winning a host of attractive prizes.

To avail these prizes, players have to register with the betting room. It uses the official website of Barclays Premier league for this competition.  Signing-up is free. All you need to do is, create your own team and mail at [email protected] The site sends you the code through which you can enter the gaming platform.  One team is allowed per account and only the bet365 affiliates can take part in the competition.

As opposed to the real Premiere League, where the top team goes with all prizes, bet365 offers an array of prizes to keep even the casual players entertained. The top affiliated team on 25th December will be rewarded for being the Christmas topper.  They will receive an ipad2.

There is also a prize for the Manager of the Month. Whichever team scores the highest in a particular month, will earn its team manager a Champagne bottle.  Also top teams of a week will be able to participate in a prize draw happening at the end of the season. This gives a chance to teams not performing well in all weeks to win at least something at the season’ end.

It goes without saying that the winning team of the entire season will receive attractive prizes.  It gets to choose from prizes like a flat screen TV or an ipad2.